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As per the April 17th meeting outcomes, FofSC submitted the project list and map on May 13, 2019. The information was sent to Councillor Holyday and all those in attendance at the April 17, 2019 meeting.  No reply has been received and follow up from Councillor Holyday's office has not been done to date.

Silver Creek Park Project List                    

Friends of Silver Creek May 13/2019


Dear Chris Clarke and Stephen Holyday,


Please refer to the attached map of Silver Creek Park which highlights the requested park amendments outlined below. Thank you for the opportunity to represent our community.


This plan had its origins in the August 2018 meeting with Chris Clarke, Tracie Napoli and Janet Griffiths-Maxymiw. Also present was K. Andrachuk representing Councillor Campbell.


These projects were further discussed in January and March 2019 with Stephen Holyday and Dion Angelini (representing Councillor Holyday).


1. Ping pong table(s)

2. Stationary exercise equipment

3. Picnic tables

Location: green space bordered by eastern fence of tennis court & western border of playground


4. Accessible swing with accessible path

Location: along path leading into playground


5. Shade structure to cover existing sand pit

Location: southern border of playground


6. Picnic tables with covered shade structure

Location: adjacent to playground (NE corner)


7. Replace existing water fountain with water bottle refill station

Location: Strathdee entrance


8. Expanded seating for “quiet zone” with accessible path 

Location: SE corner


9. Additional bench

Location: NE corner


10. additional garbage & recycling bins

Location: SW corner at Wincott/Strathdee


What are the next steps necessary to achieve the goal of park amendments for both Silver Creek Park and Richview Park ? 


What are the important timelines in achieving these goals for the community?


The extensive development of Eglinton Ave. W from Widdicombe Hill to Wincott Ave. has resulted in the construction of dense communities with no accompanying facilities.


As we witnessed at Richview Park at our April 17 meeting, residents of Widdicombe Hill apartment buildings and Fernbrook townhouses (which have no green space) utilize the 3 benches. The green expanse offsets the traffic and noise of the congested Eglinton/Lloyd Manor/Widdicombe Hill intersection. The path connecting the Brampton Road & Notre-Dame-de-Grace school to Eglinton Ave. W transit and retail is well used.


We look forward to your response.






April 17 Meeting

This summary was sent to Councillor Holyday and all those in attendance at the April 17, 2019.

No reply has been received and follow up from Councillor Holyday's office has not been done to date as agreed upon at this meeting.


MEETING SUMMARY April 17, 2019



In attendance:

Friends of Silver Creek – Tracie Napoli, Janet Griffiths-Maxymiw

Parks, Forestry & Recreation – Chris Clarke

Councillor Holyday’s Office - Dion Angelini


  1. Meeting at Warrender Park

    • It was agreed by all that Warrender Park was in need of refurbishing with the playground being approximately 40 years old and no upgrades in that time.

    • It was noted that Lloyd Manor Park is a 5 minute walk with developed playground suitable for all ages with 8+ benches surrounding perimeter providing substantial seating. In addition there are two covered structures to provide shade.

    • Suggestions from Chris Clarke:

      1. The playground to move to the front of the property to leave greenspace for recreation on north side of park

      2. Design to include pathway for accessible entry and exit

      3. Feature to address enhanced social inclusion for all ages

      4. Suggestion to wait until the completion of the apartment building is complete to know what possible design features of the building would be and to have both areas incorporated seamlessly.

    • Dion to follow up on the following:

      1. The address of the new build

      2. Are there any section 37 and 42 funds that can be accessed from the new build for Warrender Park?

    • Chris to follow up on the following:

      1. What year was the Lloyd Manor Park constructed?

      2. Who was involved?

      3. How were the funds attained (Section Funds, City Funds, Private Fundraising, etc.)?

    • Friends of Silver Creek stated:

      1. Section 37 and 42 funds attained from developments should first be applied to the needs of the community in Richmond Gardens and the Fernbrook Communities which are directly affected by the developments where the funds have been attained.

      2. Both Janet and Tracie are willing to help advise on the needs of Warrender Park but strongly recommend that outreach by the Councillor’s office to develop a Warrender working group is done and also to provide a community consultation so they have an opportunity to voice their ideas.

  2. Meeting at Richview Park – confirmed Section 42 funds in the amount of $113,000

    • The playground is nestled within the greenspace of the soccer fields closer to the EMS station on the far western border of the Richview Reservoir closer to Martingrove Rd.

    • There is no pathway, only walking on uneven grassy terrain to access playground. Access is limited in inclement weather and for those with mobility issues or small children.

    • Google states that walking time from Widdicombe Hill Apartments to the playground using the surrounding sidewalk at a brisk pace should be approximately 15 minutes (likely it is longer).

    • It was agreed that the playground would likely be used by those who reside on Clement Rd and those who frequent the soccer fields. The Reservoir is heavily utilized spring, summer and fall for permitted recreational sport.

    • The recent Fernbrook Townhouse developments A & B have no greenspace.

    • There are three multi-tower high-rise apartment buildings and two high-rise condominium buildings on Widdicombe Hill in addition to the Fernbrook Townhomes.

    • All in agreement to use the Section Funds to develop the area on Widdicombe Hill closest to the Brampton Rd. path.

      1. Given the space and treeline restrictions it was agreed that the best suggestion would be to develop a social communal space with the following:

        • Adequate seating (increase of benches placed to allow for social convergence with additional benches on southern border of the soccer field)

        • Structure to face inward to the park

        • Paved circular space between the seating

        • Accessible path into the space

        • Water bottle station

        • Suggestion to do survey and see if there is an opportunity to place any exercise stations

    • Investigation into using any remaining balance for landscaping for the front of Fernbrook to assist with standing water and safety measures (pictures of traffic accident to follow).

    • It was agreed that plans for Richview Park could be planned (design, survey’s, etc.) in 2019 and put forward for the 2020 budget so that the build could occur in 2020.

    • Chris to advise on budget and exact timeline


  1. Silver Creek Park

    • Time did not allow for a site visit but in the discussion at the end of our meeting, the following process was agreed upon:

      1. Friends of Silver Creek will forward the suggested usage of funds for Silver Creek Park.

      2. Feedback from Chris on the feasibility of the suggestions would then be provided.

      3. Once the list of possible options is confirmed, an onsite meeting would be booked for the end of May 2019 with Friends of Silver Creek, Chris and Councillor Holyday with the goal to get the design plan confirmed and to be put into the 2020 budget for build in 2020. Potential dates for May meeting to be provided.

    • Chris advised all details should be confirmed including budget and design by October 2019.

    • Community consultation in the form of a meeting, flyer drop, or e-communication should happen at the latest by September 2019 (providing top options for consult).

Contact Councillor Holyday with questions and to request updates
on the deadlines and usage of the Section 37 and 42 Funds.


PHONE: 416-392-4002


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