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Section 37 & 42 Funds Survey Results

In follow up to the Monday, March 19th Section 37 and 42 Funds Community Meeting, Friends of Silver Creek and Councillor John Campbell each sent out an online survey to collect community input on how Section Funds should be allocated.


Section 37 funds have been determined for 4650 Eglinton Ave W (Shannex Seniors Residence) in the amount of $464,000 which are spent within one kilometre of the development and are to go toward local community benefit.


Further consultation with Councillor Campbell will be necessary to determine usage of Section Funds for the Lanterra (Plant World) and Trinity/ Create Toronto (Richview Square) developments.

Section Funds
Section Funds


Survey Results

Below is a summary of top responses from the survey.  To view the entire survey results click here.

Councillor Stephen Holyday has been provided with the March 2018 Section Funds survey results and discussions are still ongoing regarding the usage of funds. When more details are available they will be shared with the community.

Survey Results Infographic.jpg



We need to make the the "park" people friendly. Walkways for people and strollers and park benches for places to gather. Let's use the funds so that the community can gather and enjoy their green space.

Seniors Centre for activities in area.

Community Center with space for yoga and other activities is needed.

A nice recreation Centre for young and old. Classes, basketball, pool, meeting rooms.

A paved path on the south border of the park (between fence and trees) would provide a walkway for mobility devices such as walkers, wheelchairs, carriages/strollers. Extra benches at the south-east corner of the park would provide seating for seniors and library patrons. The exterior of the swimming pool change room is decrepit and needs an upgrade - new landscaping, benches and pavement to create a community gathering space.

Community centre with fitness centre and indoor pool an extensive park installation with skate park public park installation green space proper baseball diamonds and pathways.

Silver Creek park.....a pathway from Wincott to Waterford suitable for walking, strollers, bikes, etc. Benches and tables strategically placed for socializing with protection from the sun. An upgrade to the playground with shelter from the sun and more playground structures. A badly needed update to the swimming pool, if not a tear down and rebuild. Beautify the neighbourhood. Update the soccer and baseball facilities in conjunction with the governing sports bodies.

Splash pad at Silvercreek park, track, walking path, youth programs.

Improvements to Richmond Gardens pool and associated facilities , i.e change rooms ; improvement to baseball diamonds ie bleachers and bench. Add basketball courts.

How is it decided what portion of $$$$ go to different items and groups.

Historic spending and degree of community involvement.

How can we get more? Can developers be pushed to provide money for infrastructure at schools, for subways, for doctor's offices?

Section 42 funds seem more complicated - there is no official document available providing examples and outlining the process. More info is needed - The consultation process with community - when is the community to be notified of the process, when the feedback from community is required and how the funds are negotiated. Having clear, concise information available so everyone understands what Section 342 funds are is needed. How these funds have been allocated and how the decision was made.

It seems contradictory that while high density living is planned for the Richview Square redevelopment with little consideration for the green space available to the future residents of this new development while having this Section 42 funds....the mayor and the city councillors of Toronto need to not only talk the talk, but WALK THE WALK. Meaningfully reducing the density of the Richview Square redevelopment given more green/park space for the future residents should be preeminent in the planning. Otherwise the so called "Section 42 funds" sounds a laughing stock for the city!!!

What new land is being purchased to create new park thus expanding our existing supply.


Again, why are the funds so low. The buildings cost millions and people play up towards a million to live in these residential units so why are these builders not giving the communities...MILLIONS..

Paved path in Silver Creek Park from the playground to the library - adults and children with assistive devices and parents with children in strollers cannot easily access the park area. This is dangerous and restrictive. Communal meeting spaces - there is only one in the community by the tennis courts - more seating is needed to encourage and allow seniors, families and all individuals to enjoy green space and have a place to sit with shading - but also to be build in a way to encourage socialization. Multi-purpose satellite multi-purpose recreation room. An immediate need in Richmond Gardens is to have a space to hold community meetings/event and to provide services for the health and wellness of all members - tai chi for seniors, community advocacy initiatives, health fairs, parents and children programs, etc. Improvements to the pool - this is a vital resource for the community - it is a cooling station during heat waves, it is a life skill that everyone should learn and encourages physical fitness while offering those with mobility issues an accessible and manageable form of exercise. 

Will we get a summary of how the funds will be spent once decisions have been made?

Does what the Developer quantify and qualify what an acceptable height or units have any bearing on the monies paid to the City for Section 37?

Dates for when discussions re how the funds will be spent.

Who makes the final decision after we have given input.

I'd like to know how the decision is ultimately made as to where the funds go.

The consultation process with community - when is the community to be notified of the process, when the feedback from community is required and how the funds are negotiated. Having clear, concise information available so everyone understands what Section 37 funds are is needed.

Who decides on were the $$$$ go?

Upgrade to the pool in Richmond Gardens. A splash pad and facilities improvement in the park. Resurfacing of the tennis courts.

Safety first. Both pedestrian and cyclists. Stoplights/cross walks, and well lit travel areas. ensure adequate parking available and remains available around the Wincott areas.

What are Section 37 Funds

Section 37 benefits are provided primarily in the local community within which the development is located, in general within one kilometer of the development - for example, improvements to community recreation facilities, or street trees for a greener city.   

Click here to learn more.

What are Section 42 Funds

Toronto’s planning tool for acquiring new parkland is through land dedications, or cash-in-lieu of parkland paid as a condition of development or redevelopment, as enabled by Section 42 of the Planning Act. These funds are not restricted to the community the development is taking place. 

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