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Friends of Silver Creek have agreed to manage the community group implementation of the pollinator garden as part of the Silver Creek Park Improvement Project through the City of Toronto's PollinateTO program (PollinateTO Grants – City of Toronto). 

Why are pollinators important?

Toronto is home to a wide range of pollinators, including 364 species of bees and 112 species of butterflies. These insects provide important ecosystem services such as pollination, are an important source of food for birds, and contribute to the biodiversity in our city. Pollination is what allows plants to produce seeds, fruits, and new plants. This is essential for food production and creating o­ur natural landscapes.

Why should we be concerned about pollinators?

Pollinators are under increasing stress due to habitat loss, invasive species, diseases, pesticides and climate change. Studies have shown that some species are in drastic decline, including the endangered Monarch butterfly and several species of bumblebees including the Rusty-patched bumblebee.

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The proposed Community Pollinator Garden at Silver Creek Park is planned, planted, managed and maintained for by the community.

Below is a short overview of what will be required by the community to be successful in being awarded a grant from PollinateTO.

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The Garden Maintenance Plan should describe how the proposed garden(s) will be cared for and who is responsible for the long term success of the project. 

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At a minimum, this includes:

  • naming the person(s) or group that will be responsible for long term garden maintenance (For City parks and/or City boulevards, what is the succession plan? If some key members leave your group, can others fill in?);

  • describing the water source that will be used to water your garden(s) as required;

  • discussing the maintenance tasks for each season and the maintenance practices for pollinators; and

  • describing your plant material replacement plans should plants die/need to be replaced

Thank you for those who have shown interest in signing up for the Community Pollinator Garden group however, plans are on hold until the City of Toronto confirms the Silver Creek Park Project design, budget and build plans.

To be notified about the Community Pollinator Garden Group submit your information below. 

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