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Friends of Silver Creek - Letter to the Editor


July 25, 2019 The Etobicoke Guardian published "High density development plan leaves Richmond Gardens residents baffled."

Friends of Silver Creek responded to the July 25th Etobicoke Guardian article citing that it did not adequately represent  concerns of the  Willowridge-Martingrove-Richview community regarding the Richview Square Redevelopment and the challenges faced with requests to Councillor Stephen Holyday in usage of $1  million+ confirmed  Section 37 & 42 Funds. 


FofSC provided a response which was published online August 7, 2019. We continue to wait for a response from the July 21st  letter sent to Councillor Holyday.  

Friends of Silver Creek dispute conclusions of developer's study   

Published August 7, 2019, The Etobicoke Guardian


The Trinity Group/Create TO project is the sixth development in the recent string of new builds along Eglinton Avenue West bringing more intensification to the Willowridge-Martingrove-Richview (WMR) area. The projected new population for the 1.1-kilometre strip from Widdicombe Hill to Wincott Avenue is 3,151 residents. This estimate excludes the current Warrender Avenue project (population 725).

Friends of Silver Creek (FofSC), a Richmond Gardens community group, met with Trinity/Create TO and disputed the conclusions of their Community and Services and Facilities Study April 2018 prepared by Bousfields Inc.

In the review of WMR, Bousfields Inc. concluded that “many of the service sectors have sufficient capacity to accommodate the estimated population from the proposed development … with the exception of child care and secondary school capacities.”

FofSC have significant concerns regarding the Bousfields report.

Recreational facilities listed and deemed sufficient are located in the southeast sector of Ward 2 which are located outside of the WMR study area.

Local parkland provision statistics were taken from a 2006 guideline no longer recognized by Toronto Parks as being an adequate measure and do not factor in the current and projected population increase.

In response, FofSC requested additional green space for the Trinity/Create TO development. We also requested that Ward 2 (Etobicoke Centre) Councillor Stephen Holyday commit confirmed Section 37 and 42 funds to local parks to enhance recreational experiences directly adjacent to the recent developments where condos and town homes have little to no green space.

Aug7_20`9 EG snapshot.PNG
Bousfield report image.PNG

Bousfields confirmed that WMR has a higher percentage of seniors and children. However, the Social Planning Toronto: Central Etobicoke Hub Feasibility Study 2018 confirmed Etobicoke seniors (highest national senior rate) experience isolation and gaps in service provision. This study also noted lack of child care services and community meeting spaces.

Trinity Group and Create TO have an opportunity to make a positive social impact in our community and FofSC have requested the provision of a multi-use community space within the development. Vandyk Development Group supported Berry Road Food Co-op to provide options in a “food desert.” TAS Development Group will provide an updated Toronto Public Library branch to the Junction. However, Bill 108 has made it unclear if Section 37 and 42 funds from new developments will be available for such community enhancements in the future — a loss to neighbourhoods undergoing intensification. 

Friends of Silver Creek are advocating for developers and Councillor Holyday, together with the community, to work through a responsible, transparent and accountable process to ensure the preservation of our quality of life in WMR as our population, and our needs, increase.


We await Councillor Holyday’s response to our requests regarding the Section 37 and 42 funds that have been banked for over three years. 

Visit to view the Bousfield report and information on confirmed Section 37 and 42 funds.

Janet Griffiths Maxymiw & Tracie Napoli


Friends of Silver Creek

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