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CC: John Tory, Mayor of Toronto and Luke Robertson, Chief of Staff

June 1, 2021

Re: EY24.5 (Eglinton West Planning and Streetscape Study – Final Report)


Dear Councillor Holyday,


We are requesting clarification regarding the recommendations from the EYCC May 17, 2021 meeting which are going forward to Toronto City Council on June 8, 2021. 


In the recommended Official Plan Amendment, the woodlot lands are to be added to the Site and Area Specific Policy 265.


Members of the community request answers to the following in advance of the June 8, 2021 Toronto City Council Meeting:


1.      Are 4600, 4560 and 4530 Eglinton Ave. W collectively known as the woodlot lands? 


2.      Will the abutting and re-designated lands of 4530 Eglinton Ave. W (Eglinton/ Islington) and 4600 Eglinton Ave. W (Eglinton/Wincott) be added to the Site and Area Specific Policy No. 265.


3.      Are you proposing that 4600 Eglinton Ave. W be a city park?


4.      If so, will the land for 4600 Eglinton Ave. W be protected by the prohibition of disposal of City owned land in the Parks and Open Space Areas?


5.      Why is the surface parking lot (currently rented by the Wincott Plaza owners from Create T.O.) excluded from the recommended designation to Parks and Open Space Areas?

6.      Why is the community, beyond the 87 RGRRA members you have met with, not informed or consulted about your plans for community parkland?


7.      Why have you not held one community consultation or public forum in the time you have been Councillor for Ward 2?

8.      Why are you unwilling to host any community consultation relating to our community independent from the RGRRA – a membership-based community group?


9.      Why have none of your communications in the last three years – with the exception of your last email which provided limited details – not include any status updates, details or information regarding the Trinity Development/ Create T.O. group or site plan?


10.  Why have you not responded to the numerous emails and calls regarding the $1,000,000 in Section Funds that were awarded to our community in 2016? Why have these funds not been allocated as you stated they would be, in the Richmond Gardens and surrounding areas?  

We await your responses to these questions, so that other members of the community can be informed. Community deserves full information and to be provided that information, well in advance of any final decision.




Friends of Silver Creek

To date no acknowledgement or response has been received from Councillor Holyday.

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