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Sunday, July 21, 2019


Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West
2nd Floor, Suite B26
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N2


Attention: Councillor Stephen Holyday


Dear Councillor Holyday,


Thank you for your response to our June 20, 2019 letter. 


Friends of Silver Creek consider that our continuous effort to engage with you regarding the significant infrastructure needs in our community go beyond “beautifying” Central Etobicoke.


While one of the outcomes may be beauty, our goal is to advocate for meaningful amendments to Silver Creek and Richview parks that will serve to improve individual and community social and physical health. As noted in the Social Planning: Central Etobicoke Hub Feasibility Study 2018, Central Etobicoke has long been deficit in community services and community spaces.


You can view the report


The current and proposed developments of Eglinton Ave. W. will result in an estimated population increase of 2000 people. While we appreciate that you are the Councillor for a larger Etobicoke ward, we are asking you to consider the impact on the Martingrove-Willowridge-Richview area and we again request that the Section 37 and 42 Funds (designated for usage for over the past three years) be spent in the community that is directly impacted by the intensification.


Who best to provide vision and feedback regarding these issues than the residents who are continually impacted by the growing density on Eglinton Ave. W from Widdicombe Hill to Wincott Ave?


That is why residents responded to a 2018 on-line survey conducted jointly with former Councillor John Campbell – who provided us with the list of Section 37 and 42 Funds for Eglinton developments. That is how we were able to provide your office with a project request list.


Unfortunately, to this date there is no indication that you have reviewed either the survey or the project list.


However, we are pleased to note that you plan to hold community consultations that Friends of Silver Creek have advocated for.


  1. As per your letter, please clarify what projects you have asked City staff to develop in regards to the following: 

  • 4800 Eglinton Ave. W (Fernbrook Townhouses)

  • 4780 Eglinton Ave. W. (Fernbrook Townhouses)

  • 4750 Eglinton Ave. W (National Homes Townhouses)


According to your March update of section funds for the above completed developments, the remaining funds were: 

  • $892 (Section 42) for 4880 Eglinton Ave. to be used in Richview Park

  • $113,000 (Section 42) for 4780 Eglinton Ave. W to be used in Warrender Park

  • $778.40 (Section 42) to be used in Silver Creek Park.


Please advise on the following:


2. Why have you made no mention of Shannex Section 37 funds of $459,908.26 (designated to be used in the local community for parkland use) and Section 42 funds of $464,000: a total of $923,908.

3. In addition, why you have also omitted Section 37 funds of $5 million for 4000 Eglinton Ave. W (Lanterra development)?


Your omissions are of great concern to Friends of Silver Creek and the community.


4. Please share with the community: what are your plans for the Shannex and Lanterra Section 37 and 42 funds (estimated $6 Million) that were not specified in your letter? 

5. How will $892.00 and $778.40 be sufficient to provide any upgrades in Richview and Silver Creek Parks?


Currently, residents in apartments, condos, and single dwelling homes in the Widdicombe Hill and Eglinton Ave. W neighbourhood have 3 benches in Richview park with no easily accessible playground. We ask you to consider these residents and respond to their needs given the impact of the new housing communities that have no communal green space and no individual yard space.


With the current and proposed housing developments, Silver Creek Park needs improved seating and picnic areas, recreational equipment for all ages (like Shaver Park), accessibility pathways, shade structures.


In addition, Richmond Gardens Pool, regularly used by a large population beyond the borders of Richmond Gardens including summer camps, needs upgrading.


6. Why is $113,000 being used to upgrade Warrender Park in your former Ward 3?

Why are you not choosing to use designated section funds from developments from your former Ward 3 such as 2 Gibb St. ($4 M), or Section 42 funds from the current Warrender construction?


Friends of Silver Creek are requesting that Eglinton Ave. W development funds be used to enhance parks that new populations north of Eglinton will access.


7. Will you commit to using the Shannex Section 37 funds before the December 2019 expiry date?


While you assure us that there are no timelines for the Section Funding, we have been informed that there is a 3-year limit after the issuance of the first above ground permit otherwise the funds can be re-directed. The Shannex agreement expires in December 2019 and we are asking that those fund be allocated before this date so that the funds will not be re-directed.


We again ask for an estimated timeline for the allocation of funds and implementation of park enhancements given the availability of funds.


Councillor Holyday, you stated that your role is to ensure that funds are spent appropriately in our community.

Our role as community members is to engage with you to ensure that our community has the opportunity to express what they consider appropriate usage and that the Councillor considers constituents’ perspectives.


As always, we seek to inform the community and encourage the community to respond. However, your resistance to meeting with us and/or having a telephone conversation to discuss the above questions appears to our community as a lack of interest in community feedback.


May we remind you that during our March meeting regarding Section Funds, you left mid-meeting and your advisor made no notes nor did he engage in the discussion. When we asked for a subsequent meeting on-site at the parks which was discussed at the March meeting, you declined because you wanted to know the agenda.


In addition, during the meeting that we arranged with City staff, your constituency advisor made no notes nor acknowledged our minutes of that meeting.


In your letter, you indicate the two meetings you had with FofSC and the one meeting we had with your constituency advisor. Do you have a limit to the number of meetings/engagement you will have directly with constituents? Given that to-date, there has been no follow up by you or your office to these meetings. Therefore, we cannot consider these meetings fulsome or productive given there was no outcome or steps to move forward. 


Councillor Holyday, our community has been under constant pressure in regards to many issues over the last few years. Regardless of Bill 108, the intent for the already secured section funds is to provide the necessary infrastructure needed to keep up with the increased density in our community.


In conclusion, the community expectation is that you, our elected official, directly communicate with your constituents.  We do not think the constant response of “he’s very busy” is the appropriate reply from your staff when a meeting or call is requested.


Unfortunately, conversations with your constituency advisor have been unsatisfactory.  To that end, we are requesting a constituent meeting directly with you during your Friday office hours to discuss the above questions.


We again, look forward to your response.


Janet Griffiths-Maxymiw                             Tracie Napoli

Co-Chair                                                                Co-Chair

Friends of Silver Creek                                  Friends of Silver Creek


Cc:       Mayor John Tory, City of Toronto

              Chris Clarke, Parks Technical Services, City of Toronto

              Susan Korrick, Supervisor Capital Projects Parks Forestry, City of Toronto

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Contact Councillor Holyday with questions and to request updates
on the deadlines and usage of the Section 37 and 42 Funds.

EMAIL: OR PHONE: 416-392-4002


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