Thank you to everyone who attended the Friends of Silver Creek Gardening for Birds, Butterflies and Beyond event on June 15th made possible by a TD Park People Grant. Thanks also to Richview Library for hosting the Emily Rondel presentation from the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.


Attendees learned how to attract and protect native pollinators, such as Monarch butterflies and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds with beautiful landscape features and then headed over to Silver Creek Park to do some planting! 

What a wonderful opportunity and experience for my 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son.

They absolutely loved planting a butterfly milkweed and are looking forward to seeing them grow.


My children are a part of giving back to our green space and environment.

Community Planting Day - 1998

I had so much fun! I’ll bring my friend next time!

Community Planting Day - 2019


Thanks for the invite. It was an informative presentation about native plants and fun for my daughter to get her hands dirty with the planting. 

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