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March 2016:


  • In response to the TDSB notice to first consideration buyers: Ministry of Child and Youth Services identifies an initial interest in Silver Creek School

  • Richmond Gardens Community meeting @Huculak Centre on March 28th , Yvan Baker, Chris Glover, John Campbell in attendance


February 2016:


  • Meeting with John Campbell and Janie Romoff, Director of Parks and Recreation

  • ECC and Silver Creek Pre-School receive notice from TDSB that first consideration buyers have been informed that Silver Creek School under consideration for sale


January 2016:

  • Friends of Silver Creek coordinates a meeting of ECC and Silver Creek Pre. School executive with Yvan Baker, John Campbell and Chris Glover (TDSB) in an attempt to seek creative solutions


December 2015:

  • Friends of Silver Creek becomes a sub-committee of RGRRA


November 2015:

  • Formation of Friends of Silver Creek School

  • Meeting with directors of ECC and Silver Creek Pre School on site

  • Short presentation at RGRRA at Richview Collegiate


October 2015:

  • TDSB meeting at Kipling Collegiate regarding potential sale of Silver Creek PS, a “closed school”

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