Update April 14, 2021

On April 6, 2021 the RGRRA held a virtual meeting with Councillor Stephen Holyday in attendance who presented the following regarding the Trinity/ Create TO redevelopment of Richview Square:


Would residents be amenable to removing the 1700m2 designated city park/greenspace
by moving Building B forward to front Eglinton Ave. W and reducing the height by 1-2 stories?


Councillor Holyday stated accepting cash-in-lieu instead of parkland would allow the purchase of new parkland or to enhance existing parkland. It was requested that a vote be taken from the 87 individuals plus members of the RGRRA in attendance.

Here is what was not discussed at the April 6th meeting:

  • Close to half of the greenspace in Silver Creek Park is provincially owned land that could, in the future, be sold – and developed.  That would leave a serious communal greenspace deficit in Richmond Gardens.

Silver Creek Park
  • Acquiring new parkland is an expensive endeavour in Toronto and if new parkland were to be purchased where would the land be found in Richmond Gardens and surrounding community? This is not a feasible plan.

  • Cash-in-lieu of parkland is not exclusively reserved for the local community. Cash-in-lieu of the proposed Trinity/Create TO park can be used in other Toronto wards to finance great parks which will benefit other communities. Losing a new park in ward 2 would be another ward’s gain. 

  • As per amending local parks, more than $1,000,000 in Section 37 and 42 funds paid by developers to benefit our community have never been used to enhance Richview Park and Silver Creek Park despite 4 years of community advocacy with no commitment from Councillor Holyday.  The majority of this money came from the Shannex development in 2016. However, the 3-year agreement expired in 2019. Has the $1,000,000+ been redirected for other purposes? We do not know.

On Monday, April 12, 2021 Friends of Silver Creek met with the project leads
from both Trinity Development Group and CreateTO.


Both representatives confirmed the application package with the architectural drawings dated October 26, 2020 will be the final version put forward to Etobicoke York Community Council on Monday, May 17, 2021. (NEW DATE)*


This version includes the following items for community benefit that Friends of Silver Creek proposed, advocated for and/or supported with Trinity/CreateTO:


  • 1,700 m2 public Parkland which borders on Eglinton Ave W

  • 659 m2 POPS (Privately-Owned Publicly Accessible Space)

  • 5,000 SF community space on the ground floor of Building B

  • Section 37 Funds ($660,000.00)


Trinity, and the former Build Toronto (now part of CreateTO), were directed by the City’s Planning Division to look at the opportunities to create a complete community Master Plan by combining 250 Wincott Drive and 4620 Eglington Ave. West. This would allow for more significant city building components to be added to the project as a whole.


The proposal has evolved significantly from the initial submission on April 30, 2018. Detailed development statistics and a comparison of each submission are set out in the table below.

Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application Height
Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application Density

Should the Etobicoke York Community Council not support the latest submission from Trinity on May 17, the possibility of both sites being developed separately significantly increases.


This could result in two new, independent applications being submitted by Trinity and CreateTO. Should that occur, the original height and density could be back on the table. And, without the Master Plan, all community benefits would need to be renegotiated.

* The Etobicoke York Community Council originally scheduled for Monday, April 19 has been rescheduled for Monday, May 17 for Item EY23.3 - 250 Wincott Drive and 4620 Eglinton Avenue West - Zoning By-law Amendment Application - Final Report. As per the EYCC, the rescheduling of the meeting is due to a geo-spatial software problem as some owners of lands did not receive the required Notice of a Public Meeting for this matter. The item will be withdrawn from the agenda and placed on the May 17, 2021 agenda.

April 12, 2021

Richview Square Submission of Rezoning Application by Trinity Development Group & Create TO 

View the latest architectural plans (October 26, 2020) as submitted by Trinity Development Group and Create TO.

This item will be considered by Etobicoke York Community Council on May 17, 2021. View the agenda here.


It will be considered by City Council on June 8, 2021, subject to the actions of the Etobicoke York Community Council.

Title Page image.PNG


While some materials on this link are older, as materials/reports/plans have been updated or revised with subsequent resubmission, those updated materials are posted to the City’s Application Information Centre. 

Application Checklist - APR 30, 2018

Application Form - APR 30, 2018

Arborist/Tree Preservation Report and/or Declaration - APR 30, 2018

Architectural Plans - OCT 28, 2020 

Closely Spaced Intersections Memo - JAN 27, 2021

Community Planning Comments - NOV 26, 2018

Cover Letter - JAN 27, 2021

Daily Traffic Volumes Memo - JAN 27, 2021

Detailed Revision List - JAN 27, 2021

Draft Zoning Bylaw Amendment 569-2013 - MAR 4, 2021

Draft Zoning Bylaw Amendment FGZBL - MAR 4, 2021

Draft Zoning Bylaw Amendment FGZBL - MAR 4, 2021

Energy Efficiency Report - APR 30, 2018

Geotechnical Study - APR 30, 2018

Green Standard Statistics - OCT 28, 2020

Hydrogeological Report - OCT 24, 2019

Landscape and Lighting Plans - OCT 28, 2020

Pedestrian Level Wind Study - OCT 24, 2019

Planning Rationale - APR 30, 2018

PLN - Draft Zoning By-Law Amendment 569-2013 (Word Copy) - MAR 4, 2021

PLN - Draft Zoning By-Law Amendment FGZBL (Word Copy) - MAR 4, 2021

Project Data Sheet - JAN 27, 2021

Renderings or Perspective Drawings - OCT 24, 2019

Resubmission Form - JAN 27, 2021

Servicing Report - JAN 15, 2021

Signal Warrant Memo - JAN 27, 2021

Storm water Management Report - MAR 17, 2020

Sun/Shadow Study - OCT 28, 2020

Survey Plans - APR 30, 2018

Toronto Green Standards Checklist - OCT 28, 2020

Traffic Operations Assessment - OCT 24, 2019

Transportation Impact Study - APR 30, 2018


Update October 30, 2020

Friends of Silver Creek have been advocating for social community benefit regarding the Richview Square + 4620 Eglinton Ave W redevelopment. We have had meetings with both Trinity Development Group & CreateTO since 2017 and have worked to gather information to share with the community.

The priorities for these meetings were to address the following:

  • Greenspace/ Parkland

    • Ensure the design plan incorporates green space to support and preserve ecological functions, including healthy air and water and to absorb rain and snow.

    • Parkland provides benefits for the physical, mental and social health of individuals and the communities in which they reside.

  • Walkability

  • POPS (Privately-Owned Publicly Accessible Spaces).

    • POPS are a key part of the city’s public realm network, providing open space in much-needed locations across the city and complementing existing and planned parks, open spaces and natural areas.

  • Community Space


During these early meetings, Friends of Silver Creek proposed that Trinity Development Group & CreateTO provide a communal meeting and function space for the Martingrove-Willowridge-Richview community in the design plan.  Currently there are no large meeting spaces to service the needs of the immediate community for community or social gatherings/information-sharing in addition to having a space to host programs for all members of the community (health and wellness, seniors programming, etc.).

Friends of Silver Creek have been notified this week by Trinity Development Group and CreateTO of exciting news for the community:

  • The redevelopment will host a 5,000 SF community space on the ground floor of Building B. Terms are not 100% final at this time but Trinity/CreateTO will convey ownership of the community space to the City of Toronto who will own, operate, maintain and program the space.

  • Trinity/CreateTO have been working with City Staff to finalize terms of Section 37 Funds.

  • In addition, Trinity/ CreateTO will provide a one-time cash payment (amount still to be agreed upon) to the City of Toronto for the purposes of fitting the community space for the future end user.

Here are other updates regarding the Redevelopment:


  • The height of Building A has been reduced from the previously proposed 15-storeys down to 13-storeys.

  • Trinity/ CreateTO have converted Level 2 in Building B from commercial to residential use as some businesses such as fitness facilities have been hard hit as a result of COVID-19 and are no longer viable options. 

  • The conversion of the double-high commercial level to two residential floors resulted in an additional storey, at the same measured height resulting in one storey being removed from Building B - this means it is labelled at 13 storeys in the last and upcoming submissions, but is shorter now in terms of its total height.


We have been informed that the resubmission of materials will be formally submitted this week. 

Friday May 11, 2018

Friends of Silver Creek met with Trinity Development Group, Create TO and Councillor John Campbell

After review of the rezoning application, Friends of Silver Creek position on the joint Trinity Development Group/CreateTO application is as follows:

  1. FofSC ask that Trinity/Create TO take this opportunity to make a local impact and include space for cultural/recreational service provision.

  2. FofSC support dedicated green space/parkland on-site.

  3. FofSC are concerned about traffic on-site and throughout neighbourhood.

  4. FofSC disagree with the height and resultant density.  


The Planning and Urban Design Rationale: Community and Services & Facilities Study April 2018 prepared by Bousfields Inc. was used to address concerns about community benefit, green space/ parkland, density and traffic.


FofSC encourage all residents to read the report and accompanying development documents
prepared by Trinity Development Group.  


1. Community Benefit


Projected development population from Widdicombe Hill to Wincott Dr. 
(excluding  Warrender population of 725) : 3,151 (A28)


Bousfield conclusion (A31, Community Services & Facilities Study):

"It is our opinion that many of the service sectors have sufficient capacity to accommodate the estimated population
increase resulting from the proposed development. Therefore, it is our opinion that the proposed development
will not significantly impact the provision of community services and facilities in the study area with some exceptions…
childcare and secondary school capacities."


FofSC disagree with the Bousfield conclusion above:

  • In the professional analysis of the Willowridge-Martingrove-Richview (WMR) Study area, Bousfield omitted:

    • Eight (8) elementary and two (2) secondary schools

    • Two (2) aging outdoor pools used extensively by users within and without of the designated WMR study area

    • St. Marcellus and Hilltop community schools that provide limited programming and school break/summer camps

    • Location of two (2) community food banks (Westway and Kipling) at the border of study area (but within Ward 4)


  • Referenced recreational facilities are all located in south eastern sector of Ward 4 and not located with the WMR study area:

    • Islington Seniors Centre

    • Edenbridge Centre

    • Edgehill House

    • Lambton Arena


  • Bousfield study confirms: 

    • A higher % of seniors and children as compared to Toronto. (A7)


This finding is consistent with the Etobicoke Hub Preliminary Report 2017: Social Planning Toronto
that examines the shortfall in services for Centre Etobicoke.


Why wasn’t this Report referenced by Bousfield Inc in their analysis of our community?


FofSC request a dedicated space at the Trinity Development for the health & wellness of Ward 4 residents. The establishment of this space will work to offset the lack of services in Centre Etobicoke (Etobicoke Hub Preliminary Report 2017: Social Planning Toronto) by providing services for both current and future residents.


2. Green Space/Parkland


 “61 parks totaling 263.56 HA of parkland within Study area” (A21)

  • This statistic is presumably for all of Ward 4 and not focused on the WMR study area where residents’ immediate access to green space is prescribed by major roads and highways

“Local Parkland Provision Map 8B …identifies that the subject site is within an area that has .80 to 1l56 HA of local parkland per 1000 people”

  • Bousfield refers to a 2006 document that doesn’t reflect current and projected populations which have and will further negatively alter the ratio 

  • City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation (PF&R) recognizes need to re-assess parkland resident ratio in view of housing intensification and is currently working towards implementing new strategy.

  • WMR study area was in 3rd quintile in 2006 which means not abundant in accessible green space

  • Bousfield does not note that the green space of Silver Creek School is now provincially owned (formerly TDSB), is not City park space and is vulnerable to sale/development. That would mean less green space.


Trinity proposes a 492 sq. m paved POPS (Privately Owned Public Space) between building B & C and fronting Eglinton Ave W where wind effects have been noted and modifications recommended (pg. 51).


FofSC request dedicated green space on site that will benefit current and future residents and consumers. The current developments on Eglinton (Fernbrook ,National Home and Shannex) have no dedicated green space. FofSC request that a park be located where wind impact, Eglinton traffic and a future LRT will not destroy or diminish this green space. FofSC also request the development include green infrastructure to offset the effects of extreme weather (green roof, xeriscaping, swales, permeable pavement, etc.).


3. Traffic


Our community is identified as a priority transit corridor, thus supporting the  Growth Plan for the Eglinton Corridor. Therefore, the density is considered appropriate and desirable…given the proximity to planned Eglinton West LRT and future Wincott Bemersyde station (pg. 48).


However, because the LRT is not approved, there is no consideration of LRT impact in the traffic study. Yet, the density is justified even without LRT approval.


FofSC request a comprehensive traffic study that includes both the impact of the LRT on Eglinton Ave W and neigbourhood traffic and the effect of potential above-grade station in the median of Eglinton Ave W at Wincott and Bemersyde.


4. Density


How are two 22-storey buildings (and one 16 story building in close proximity) appropriate and compatible with existing tall building heights in the surrounding area? (Height, Massing and Density pg. 47).


Currently, one (1) 22-storey building is located at Martingrove and Eglinton, where it fronts 2 apartment buildings and is approximately twice the distance from single dwelling community than the proposed Trinity development.


The 21 storey building located at Martingrove and Eglinton on the Height map document (pg. 49) has not been built but is the site of the proposed Minto development. This is another Bousfield error.


FofSC are concerned about heights and resultant density.  

Bousfield Inc. Report
Social Planing Toronto Report

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