The City of Toronto, along with its partners Metrolinx and the TTC, are looking to enhance and refine the plan for the LRT that was approved in 2010 as part of an earlier Environmental Assessment. 


What's Happening? 
The Eglinton West LRT is a key component of the SmartTrack program. It is an extension of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, which is currently under construction. As approved by Council in 2017, the new LRT will have 10 stops between Mount Dennis and the Mississauga Transitway at Renforth Station (Commerce Blvd). An extension to the Toronto Pearson International Airport is also being planned.

Hosted by the City of Toronto, in partnership with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). 

Plans are being refined for the Eglinton West LRT. This includes providing great transit connections, optimizing traffic flows in the area and developing well-connected and designed public spaces that align with community values. Your input on these plans will help inform City recommendations to Council in Spring 2019.

When & Where? (Both meetings will present the same info)

York Humber High School, Cafeteria 100 Emmett Avenue
6:30 P.M. – 8:30 P.M. Presentation starts at 7:00 P.M

Martingrove Collegiate Institute, Cafeteria 50 Winterton Drive
6:30 P.M. – 8:30 P.M. Presentation starts at 7:00 P.M.



The Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting
Monday, February 25, 2019

On Monday, February 25, 2019 Friends of Silver Creek attended the Eglinton LRT West Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG).


At the meeting it was confirmed by City Planning staff that a report with recommendations to move the project forward would be made to City Council in April 2019. 


Information was presented and at the meeting, it was voiced by many of the SAG members that feedback provided during previous SAG meetings and/or public consultations had not been incorporated into the presentation reflecting the views of the community.

The community had requested a study for below-grade tunneling but based on the comments by City Planning staff at the meeting, cost is the motivating factor for recommending an at-grade solution.

Download and view both reports below.

LRT Project Update cover.JPG
Planning and Streetscape Cover.JPG


LRT Option 1
LRT Option 2
LRT Option 3
LRT Option 4

Friends of Silver Creek Feedback from February 25, 2019 SAG Meeting:

Friends of Silver Creek share concerns that not all of the information has been disclosed to the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) and in Public Consultation meetings.

The presentations made on February 25, 2019 did not incorporate 
recommendations and feedback that had been provided over the past two years.  Attendees shared their frustrations and disappointment on omissions in presentations and we await response from City Planning on the final recommendations to be presented to City Council in April 2019.


  • City Planning will be reporting to council and submitting their plans in 6 weeks - April 2019

  • City Planning has an approved budget from council, but will not disclose the cost the associated with the following options:

  • Option 1- Surface Running (10) Stops- Estimated Construction 3-5 years

  • Option 2- Underground (10) Stops-Estimated Construction 5-7 years

  • Option 3 -Elevated/Underground (3) Stops- Estimated Construction 5-7 years

  • Option 4- Elevated/Underground (7) Stops –Estimated Construction 5-7 years


All of the Options presented point back to Option 1, as the least costly and with the shortest timeline to complete.


  • Option 1 as proposed by the Eglington West LRT gives access to 43 major amenities however, Options 2 & 4 amenities access is similar but the cost and estimated construction is higher.

The range of total net cost used in Benefit/Cost Calculations
by Grade Separation. 
This was not provided to us pages 22-30.

You can see the millions of dollars attached to each grade
separation of the project.

View Eglinton West LRT Extention Technical & Planning Update



  • Why is the City of Toronto funding a project to bring people to and from Toronto Pearson Airport which is located in the Mississauga Region.

  • Why was the funding from Mississauga Council denied? Given the benefit why shouldn't the City of Mississauga also contribute to the cost of extending the LRT to Pearson Airport. Mayor John Tory requested funding from Mississauga Council on April 5, 2017 which was denied. Read article  

"The evaluation found that none of the six potential grade separations performed well from either the affordability or strategic values perspectives against the EA base case. Therefore, none of the grade separations are preferred to the EA base case."

View Document on Eglinton West LRT: 

Development of Conceptual Grade Separations (January 11, 2018).  

The Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting - July 18, 2018.
The meeting focused on the vision for the corridor as part of the Planning and Streetscape Study. 

Attendees were divided into four groups to discuss the Eglinton corridor community concerns: Green Space, Safety and Mobility


Segment A: City of Toronto Hydro Corridor – Mississauga Border to Martin Grove along the Eglinton Path

  • 427/401 off ramp vehicle congestion- transportation impact on sound concerns and pedestrian safety

  • Overflow of vehicles from 427/401 on the back street via Martin Grove –Winterton Drive-Lloyd Manor Rd

  • How the proposed LRT will connect to the Airport


Segment B: Martin Grove to Richview Plaza

  • Congestion of Metro/LCBO intersection

  • The increased vehicles on Widdicombe Hill Blvd/Hunting Ridge & Wincott Dr.

  • Increased population due to recent townhomes built on Eglinton Ave

  • No Parking availability on streets

Segment C: Silver Creek/Richview

  • Impact on the Seniors Residential Building being built on Eglinton

  • Future concern on Richview Plaza –Condominium (Not approved build), additional population

  • Not enough Rite of Way Path- distance from curb to curb

  • Additional vehicle concerns


Segment D: Royal York /Scarlet + Eglinton Flats Flood Plains

  • LRT above ground suggestion

  • Possible one of the LRT Stops

Meeting Summary Points:


  • Overall highlighted on sound consideration with adding the LRT on Eglinton, the SAG Planning Study should consider the population that is below and above Eglinton

  • How will it affect the neighborhoods that end up having additional vehicle overflow traffic?

  • Exsiting Bike Paths only Eglinton should have physical light signals, cyclist should be adhering to the lights as well as motor vehicles

  • City is one-sided only focused on the Eglinton LRT Path, and how will they add additional safety and sound barriers like large Fern trees and concrete visual bollards adding pedestrian protection.

  • Tour of the suggested corridor August 1st, 2018 from 5pm -9pm, the SAG Group will be renting a TTC Bus and giving a corridor tour. Online registration portal will be posted on the SAG website

  • SAG Fall (September) 2018 updates

  • Early 2019 – Report to City Counsel, Preferred LRT Options, Martingrove Analytical Study, Traffic Analysis, Planning Streetscape Study

Official meeting minutes to follow once approved.


As well, you can learn more about this study by visiting

Click the image to review the work that is currently underway for the Eglinton West LRT and provide your feedback. 

LRT Survey

Eglinton Light Rail Transit Project: Community Working Group


City Council decided in December 2017 to strike a Community Working Group (CWG), "to gather local community input on technical planning and design work and the evaluation process, in order to update the Eglinton West LRT concept approved in 2010."


In January 2018, Councillor John Campbell requested participants from Ward 4 be part of a Community Working Group in anticipation of a possible westward extension of the Eglinton LRT Crosstown.

Chosen members for the CWG were chosen by Councillor Campbell to represent views and share learnings and information with their community.

The Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) on October 23, 2017 saw the following outcomes: city staff have worked towards refinement of the project concept, including finalizing the evaluation of potential grade separations at 6 key intersections along the corridor, the identification of stop locations, and defining the route into the airport.

Click to view the attached document for a full update of work that has been undertaken since the October 23, 2017 meeting.

Click to view the minutes from the October 23, 2017 meeting.

Meeting minutes from the June 7 and 26, 2018 meetings are not yet available.

As a result of community members contacting their Councillors and the Mayor,
the City's Executive Committee which met on November 28 gave
unanimous consent and directed staff to study further grade separation
and/or tunneling options to further develop traffic modelling.


Toronto City Council voted Tuesday, December 5, 2017 as per
the City's Executive Council recommendation to proceed with the
next phase of Mayor Tory’
s SmartTrack transit plan and, in a
related vote, rejected by a 28-14 margin an attempt to adhere to
the original plan that would put the LRT alongside vehicular traffic 
between Mount Dennis and Mississauga.

The report from City Staff on the Eglinton LRT that went to
City Council for consideration can be viewed by
clicking here.

You can view the City Council December 5th agenda(EX29.1) and
motion here:




A study will now be conducted to see the traffic impact of tunneling the LRT
as an alternative to building an at-grade LRT. 


The Executive Committee makes recommendations on Council's strategic policy and priorities, governance policy and structure, financial planning and budgeting, fiscal policy including revenue and tax policies, intergovernmental and international relations, Council and its operations, and human resources and labour relations. More info here.

WRITE to Mayor John Tory and Councillor Campbell and Councillor Holyday letting them know that you support the position that the LRT should be tunnelled and that you share the concerns about the design for the Eglinton West LRT.


Mayor John Tory 

Councillor John Campbell, Ward 4 

Councillor Stephen Holyday, Ward 3 

MPP Yvan Baker


Friends of Silver Creek think that full analysis and study is a reasonable request and a necessary part of the process.

Continue to share your concerns and provide feedback to all elected officials.

Community advocacy at work!

Toronto Star Article Eglinton Ave W LRT

A section of the motion as it pertains to the LRT:

4.  City Council direct staff to continue planning the Eglinton West LRT transit extension concept for the Toronto Segment between Mount Dennis Station and Renforth Station, including:

a. ten stops as described in Attachment 2 to the report (November 17, 2017) from the City Manager and the Deputy City Manager, Cluster B; and

b. staff forming a working group of community stakeholders in consultation with local councillors, to investigate further grade separation and or tunnelling options to further develop traffic modelling and an enhanced framework that places additional consideration on local community interest.



On Monday, November 13 a Community Meeting was held 
to share the plan for the Eglinton Ave W LRT.

The plan presented is to build an at-grade LRT in the middle of the avenue.

Friends of Silver Creek in conjunction with many residents are opposed to an at-grade LRT.

Please note, on this survey there is no option to indicate your choice for a tunnelled LRT .

BUT you can type your preference for a tunnelled LRT in the survey box to advocate for that option.


Think of congestion on Eglinton. Think of J turns.

Think of overflow traffic and cars taking shortcuts in our neighbourhood.


Click to read the information provided.

The online survey is now closed.